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After years of experience working together, we’d like to share our fine art images from the past and present. These include sights from the Cayman Island Reefs taken 30 years ago to a small charming beach in Costa Rica plus much more.


Mariela, born and raised in Costa Rica, is passionate about nature. She enjoys expressing herself through the visual images she captures. Her interest in photography started when she documented field trips she took through the rain forests of South and Central America and in the Caribbean.

Mariela graduated with a degree in Tropical Biology and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education. Over the past 15 years she has mastered the art of photography taking classes in the U.S. while developing her unique vision. She has an incredible eye for detail and composition.

Her love for conservation work has taken Mariela to different countries and allowed her to work with sea turtles, wild dolphins, and whales. She has collaborated with several nonprofit organizations and federal agencies. Mariela’s photography has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, websites, and digital media throughout the world. She’s worked on advertising promotions and news related jobs for the Florida Keys News Bureau, ABC, CBS, NBC and several environmental magazines.

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Bob, raised in the Florida Keys, is obsessed with all things ocean. He grew up on the water fishing, swimming and diving. In the early 90’s Bob started underwater photography and video as a photo journalist for several newspapers. As a stringer, he covered news events for the Florida Keys News Bureau including several magazine covers and inserts. Over his career Bob has worked with National Geographic, Animal Planet, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, the Discovery Channel, Animal Nations Journal, World Wildlife Fund and many more.


We believe we all share the duty of leaving this planet in better condition than we found it. Everything we use comes from a natural source including the water reaching every corner of our homes, to the meals we consume to survive. The impact we leave depends on our daily choices. There is a principle in conservation that teaches us to start with small acts at home, expanding to our community and to the world at large. Since arriving in the US, I’ve decided to serve my local community with the skills I acquired researching sea turtles in Costa Rica. For the last 12 years I’ve been a volunteer for local and federal organizations working for sea turtle conservation. Due to COVID, non-profits need more than just volunteers. They need income to maintain crucial daily operations and staff. For this reason, we’ve made available a small collection of prints to sell and will donate 40% of the profits to a local nonprofit wildlife conservation organization.

For every sale of Sea Turtles Prints, 40% of sales will be donated to local organizations working for the conservation of marine life.